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Flight & Terminal Arrives from Time & Status
OS763 T2 Vienna VIE 12:46 Approaching Austria Austrian Airlines
W64530 T2 Paris BVA 12:54 Approaching France Wizz Air Hungary
TK1059 T2 Istanbul IST 15:05 Turkey Turkish Airlines
S73513 T2 Moscow Domodedovo DME 15:15 Russia Siberia Airlines
TJJ205 T2 Sofia SOF 15:30 Bulgaria
Flight & Terminal Departs to Time & Status
W64513 T2 Eindhoven EIN 11:50 Boarding Netherlands Wizz Air Hungary
OS764 T2 Vienna VIE 13:35 Austria Austrian Airlines
W64521 T2 Vienna VIE 14:05 Austria Wizz Air Hungary
TK1060 T2 Istanbul IST 16:00 Turkey Turkish Airlines
S73514 T2 Moscow Domodedovo DME 16:15 Russia Siberia Airlines
Gateway to the Black Sea
14 Wizz Reasons to Fly
Turkish Airlines Celebrates
5th Birthday at Varna Airport
Over 1 000 000 Passengers
up to July, 2019
thomas cook
Need to get home?

If you were booked on a Thomas Cook flight home, this has now been cancelled.


The latest updates at the airport.

girl with luggage
Hand baggage

Traveling soon? How to prepare your hand luggage.

varna airport map
Varna Airport Map

View the Varna Airport Map

Varna sail boats
Varna: Yours to Discover

Beauty like you’ve never imagined will take you by surprise.

Varna connects you to

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