In case your luggage has not arrived with your flight, please contact a “Baggage Reclaim” official at Varna Airport, who is to take care of tracing your luggage.

“Baggage Reclaim” Department at Varna Airport makes use of the “World tracer” international system registering, tracing and finding lost luggage. A dossier file is created using the system, rigorously following the relevant standards, in case of non-arrival of your luggage. The file contains information about your luggage, such as make, model and color, etc. If your luggage has not been found within 20 days, please contact your airline or insurance company.

In order to check the status of your lost luggage, please, fill in the fields bellow. Our officials would be happy to provide you with information via e-mail. 
“Baggage Reclaim” Department – Varna Airport
Tel.: 00359 52 573 423
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