Aircraft long-term positioning areas
Aircraft long-term positioning areas

The investment proposal of "Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD provides for the construction of areas for long-term positioning of aircraft outside the flight field of Varna Airport, with two (2) areas for their construction - Area East and Area West.

Total for parking areas Area East - Asphalt sections and sites with an area of 14 225 m2.

Total for all Zone West locations:

  • Asphalt sections and sites with an area of 18 330 m2;
  • Concrete site with an area of 1910 m2;
  • Zones with 0/40 grain min. materials between asphalt sites with area -  6 300 m2.


Construction will take place in phases over the coming years, depending on the needs dictated by the market for long-term aircraft positioning services.

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