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Flight & Terminal Arrives from Time & Status
BUC5568 T2 Tel Aviv TLV 15:58 Landed Israel Bulgarian Air Charter
FB977 T2 Sofia SOF 16:08 Approaching Bulgaria Bulgaria Air
Y77311 T2 Moscow Domodedovo DME 16:49 Approaching Russia Nordstar Airlines
RL7509 T2 Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO 17:41 Approaching Russia Royal Flight Airlines
W64548 T2 Tel Aviv TLV 17:55 Israel Wizz Air Hungary
Flight & Terminal Departs to Time & Status
RR5032 T2 Wroclaw WRO 16:00 Gate closed Poland Ryanair Sun
LO6560 T2 Katowice KTW 16:02 Departed Poland LOT - Polish Airlines
FB978 T2 Sofia SOF 16:20 Check-in open Bulgaria Bulgaria Air
BUC5373 T2 Warsaw WAW 16:50 Check-in closed Poland Bulgarian Air Charter
BUC5675 T2 Katowice KTW 17:00 Check-in closed Poland Bulgarian Air Charter
Over 1 000 000 Passengers
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The Heat is On
14 Reasons to Fly
Varna Airport
Gateway to the Black Sea
Open Society Insitute Awards Varna Airport
Turkish Airlines Celebrates
5th Birthday @ Varna Airport
Varna sail boats
Varna: Yours to Discover

Beauty like you’ve never imagined will take you by surprise.

B747 VAR
Photo Contest

Varna Airport encourages all spotters to take part in the contest "Summer Aviation Eye".

Varna Rock Fest
Upcoming event: Varna Rock Fest

3 Days of Rock Music

August 16-18 at South Beach Varna


The latest updates at the airport.

girl with luggage
Hand baggage

Traveling soon? How to prepare your hand luggage.

Varna connects you to

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